Survival of The Fittest

Survival of the fittest means that not all people are meant to live in apartments, because they cannot support themselves when it comes to paying bills, buying food and managing their utilities. We live in a world in which public property is illegal to lay on. Who is to say I cannot take a nap on the pavement anytime

I wanted, the world is not one man’s territory. So what makes us take shelter in these superficial walls of concrete? It may be a rhetorical question to test our independence as human beings, but really whom are we kidding?

We need every bit of comfort possible in order to “survive” in this harsh world of economic and technological environment. Even if it means comfort in the confines of another, surprisingly there are these structures known as ‘apartments’ which are not only held together by limestone and brick, but by the trust and confidence between human interactions.

Really, it is a shocking feature of the unpredictable, confrontational, and susceptible human race. Such a joyous and beneficial thing could not possibly be accompanied without consequences…at least that is what the outsider would say, the person who simply observes from the outskirts of their paid off mortgages. Truth is there is a war going on without the miniature structures of support, a war that exploits the dark side of humanity and all of our imperfections.

She struts across the battlefield, mentally prepared for the fight of her life; her enemy in plain sight conceals himself behind the shoddy curtains. The residents of the Portland Oregon apartments sense this presence from a mile off and flock to their domains.

“IT’S THE LANDORD!” a little boy exclaims.

The beast of the meadows known as the landlord, survives from its sharp predator instincts. Responsible for the vast meadow of apartments, she supplies all necessary resources for her flock. However, only the fittest of the fit can join her crew; employed independent and mentally fortified to face her wrath. The prey of her food chain known as the tenant, often called “resident” by his peers frolics in the meadow of the Portland Oregon Apartments enjoying the “seemingly” free utilities, unaware of the incoming danger. Suddenly, out from the house at the end of the block comes a ferocious force, bills in its hand blown backwards by the power of its approach.

“Knock, Knock!” the entrance to the tenant’s home breached.

The door creeks open with nervous eyes in the crack. Struggling to escape his near demise the tenant bolsters up some ten or twenty excuses, incomprehensible to the proprietor, for she knows no mercy.

“You got the stuff?” the landlord echoes across the field.

The struggle ends with the tenant evicted, cut off from the flock. Once accepted, now in the shadows of the ‘holy land’, he wanders the outskirts of the world seeking shelter from the adverse elements. There was once a time when humanity got along without additional repercussions, unfortunately that time has not come yet, and only the fittest of the fittest will survive the war on housing!