Same lot, more housing under Portland zoning proposal

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It’s hard not to notice all the apartments and condos going up in Portland neighborhoods. Now, the city is proposing zoning changes to allow more housing units to be built in neighborhoods.

Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is proposing allowing smaller, shorter houses so more can fit on a single lot. The zoning changes do not require anyone to make any changes to their existing home, only if you add on or build a new unit on the land.

"If you do have a new home that you’re building, it will be smaller than the ones currently zoned for," said Michael Cox, a spokesperson for Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. "If you want to redevelop your property you can explore options like duplexes, triplexes, garden apartments, more diverse set of options at different price points."

The city claims they need to make zoning changes to allow for the city’s population growth now and in the future. But opponents worry the proposed zoning changes have no requirements when it comes to affordability of rents. Parking is not required with new construction.

But again, these proposals are for new development in Portland neighborhoods. Public hearings are coming up next month.

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