Traveling Red Sox Nation

Today’s Red Sox fans are no longer a group of overzealous fans plagued by the many disappointments brought upon by the infamous 86-year-long Babe Ruth curse. We are now a group of baseball fans who take pride in celebrating their team’s current dominance, and we go to great lengths to prove our devotion to our team.

We are fans who are willing to travel to great distances to see the Sox play. We pack bars and stadiums around the country, gather at New England-themed sports bars to cheer on our favorite team, and sing along to “Sweet Caroline” in the seventh inning stretch no matter where we are in the country – or the world.

BoSox Banter features travel-related features about American League cities, National League towns where the Red Sox play and, of course, Boston and Fenway Park. We offer information on destinations around the country that appeal to Red Sox fans, whether it’s something as major as a pilgrimage to Fenway Park and Boston or as minor as a small bar near an American League park where fans who were unable to get tickets can watch the game with kindred spirits.

In addition, BoSox Banter includes historical notes on places of interest, interesting nuggets of information and other useful facts that expound on the Red Sox’s allure.


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