Created by Jeff Louderback, a professional writer who founded and operated Sox and Pinstripes (a successful Red Sox and Yankees blog and web site) for three years, BoSox Banter serves as a forum for Red Sox fans and a site that features articles, information and links about the Red Sox, their minor league affiliates and prospects, and Red Sox-themed travel to Boston and cities that have major league and minor league teams.

Jeff writes daily columns and articles about the Red Sox, Red Sox prospects and minor league affiliates and baseball-related travel. BoSox Banter also includes guest columns from media who cover both teams, and other baseball bloggers. We also have occasional features on Red Sox prospects, and former Red Sox players. We hope this blog serves as a forum for you to read our entries, post comments of your own and visit to explore the multitude of links and immerse yourself in all things Red Sox.

We understand that sometimes we will not agree with each other’s opinions. At times, especially during the dog days of summer, things will get heated. After all, this is the Red Sox baseball. The only ground rules are no personal attacks (name calling, threats and libelous comments).

We welcome debate and stimulating conversation about baseball, the Red Sox and the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. We also encourage your suggestions about topics to write about, additional links to post and any ideas you think will make this blog even more appealing to Red Sox fans.

We hope you will enjoy the long ride to October at BoSox Banter!