Buchholz setback further illustrated Red Sox questionable decisions with medical issues

By Jeff Louderback

Based on the myriad of injuries the team has incurred over the past four seasons, and how those ailments have been addressed, it is warranted for media and fans alike to respond cynically when the Red Sox downplay any discomfort that a player is experiencing.

Clay Buchholz is a prime example. The right-hander, who is 9-0 with a 1.71 ERA but has been sidelined with a sore trapezius muscle, threw off a mound today for the first time since June 8. The session ended after 18 pitches, and he was sent for an MRI.

That he has not underwent an MRI until now is astonishing, especially since the soreness has lingered. The Red Sox believe that Buchholz “just” has a trapezius issue, yet they have not sent him for an MRI until today.

With Jon Lester struggling, the Red Sox need a healthy Buchholz for the second half.  Since the team wants him to complete two bullpen sessions without discomfort, and at least one rehab start, Buchholz might not be ready until after the All-Star break.

2 Responses to “ Buchholz setback further illustrated Red Sox questionable decisions with medical issues ”

  1. I hate to be a pain, but this mistake has happened several times now. Its “has undergone”rather then “has underwent”.

    Let that not detract, however, from the good work you do.

  2. They have changed around their medical and training staff. Amazingly one of their most valuable properties did not get a 30 minute MRI on a persistent problem until now.

    I had a back issue a few weeks ago and the doctor did not hesitate – MRI – and then we will look at the results and examine treatment options.

    Boston is a center for medical research, number of great teaching hospitals and medical schools and top of the line people – maybe the best in the world – and this crap happens consistently.

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